Leather and Trading have the best accessories for your leather items. Lakes Leather’s beautiful range of Australian made accessories perfect for gifting or adding to your wardrobe and are suitable for both young and old. Browse our amazing selection of shoe laces, hatbands, insoles and conditioning products!


Our range of genuine leather shoe laces are ideal for pairing with your favourite pair of boots. These 3mm square laces are cut from genuine leather steer hide, ideal for use in hiking boots, work boots, boat shoes or wherever you need a strong lace. These laces are genuine leather, one piece of hide and cut down to size if you need. Also, you can use our shoelaces for craft.


Do you need new insoles? Try our 100% Sheepskin insoles for the perfect fix for those Ugg boots that have been worn to death and the inner sheepskin sole has flattened. In order to get the perfect fit, simply order an insole the same size as your Ugg boots, and cut down to size if you need. Also, our insoles are made in Australia and you can wear them in a closed in shoe.


We have a great range of genuine leather hatbands, choose from crocodile or kangaroo leather hatbands. Our high quality hat bands are made in Australia from Crocodile Horn-back Leather – that is the back of the Croc. You can choose from croc hatbands with teeth or concho. Our kangaroo leather hat bands are also fully adjustable, hand crafted in Australia and hard wearing. With attention to detail, they are hand plaited using 6 strands and finished flat; the bands are available in either Black or Tan. Add these to complete your broad brimmed hat look.

Leather Cleaners and Conditioners

Keep your leather in perfect condition with our range of leather conditioning products, suitable for every leather product. Our quality leather treatment products at Leather and Trading include Dubbin Wax, Jay-El Beeswax, Microwax Reproofing Cream, Saddle Soap and Zorbel Leather Conditioner. Come in store to find out more.

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