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Ugg Boots

Australian Ugg boots are the ultimate in true Aussie footwear. Available in a wide range of styles and colours, these authentic leather boots are renowned for their cosiness and durability.

Ugg Boots: the ultimate in cosy footwear

Leather & Trading sells 100% genuine Ugg boots that are made in Australia. Made from 100% genuine sheepskin, the boots are put together with the fleece inside. Because of the unique properties of this soft sheepskin lining, this unique design offers three benefits. Firstly, it absorbs moisture and keeps the user's feet comfortably dry. Secondly, it allows the air to circulate within the boot. Thirdly, it helps keep the user's feet at body temperature. As a result, feet stay warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. These benefits make our boots undeniably essential during winter, though they feel great even during the summer!

Australian ugg boots: stylish & comfortable

Cosiness and comfort aren't the only selling points about Ugg boots. As a matter of fact, this iconic Australian footwear is also world-renowned for being fashionably stylish. Choose from our wide range of styles: our Ugg boot options include ankle-length, knee-length, standard height, and slippers. We even have baby Uggs for your precious little ones! Also, we have innersoles that are made from genuine sheepskin; these are particularly comfortable and can be trimmed if required. Without a doubt, there are many reasons to invest in a good pair of Uggs!

We at Leather and Trading by Lakes Leathercraft recommend a personalised fitting for our Australian Ugg boots. Because every foot is different, it's best to drop by our leather store in Bungendore. See you at the shop!

Exclusive In-Store Purchase

Our Ugg boots can only be purchased in person directly from Leather & Trading.
Please call in to our Bungendore Leather store for a professional fitting!