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Leather Camel

This Leather Camel is hand-made and finished to a fine level of detail available in both 8" and 12".

All Leather animals we showcase on this site are individually handcrafted.

A wire frame commences the process before papier-mache is moulded to the wire creating the body & features, whilst still wet & malleable each body is covered with thin layer of goat leather creating a unique one-of-a-kind piece. Reins, stirrups or saddles in the case of Leather Camels & Horses or resin tusks or teeth for Elephants & Hippos are added last.

Popular as children's toys or decorative pieces for around the home, our Leather Hippo and the range of other animals are available in varying sizes: 7" 8" 10" and 12" (approximate length from nose to tail)

These look striking in sets of varying sizes.

This product is available in one colour.

$19.50  (8″)
$39.00  (12″)


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