Cow hides

Leather & Tradings stunning, high-quality cow hides are 100% natural leathers—available in a variety of sizes and colours.

Bring warmth, texture and authentic rustic styling to any home, business or commercial office area by adding unique, beautiful cow-hides.

Each hide is beautifully different—therefore, providing a creative sophisticated style enhancing any wall, floor space or upholstery covering.

All hides are 100% sustainable, hypoallergenic and easy to maintain. In addition, they’re hard wearing and timelessly stylish—the perfect choice if you want a unique statement piece.

Carefully constructed maintenance instructions are Included with each purchase. Therefore, there’s no concern regarding any unfortunate spills or mishaps—simply follow the instructions. The easy-to-follow instructions explain how to keep your hide in luxurious condition.

In order to select the perfect cow hide for any space, allow our experienced team to assist you.

Our wide-range of quality hides are available to purchase at our Bungendore Leather shop—situated only 30 minutes from Canberra.

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