Plush Toys

Leather and Trading have an adorable range of Aussie plush toys. These long fur plush toys are made right here in OZ, also from non-allergenic materials.

This adorable Mum also has a teeny tiny joey in her pouch. Crafted akin the iconic ‘Eastern Grey Kangaroo’. Available in 21cm and 28cm sizes.

Our koala long fur toys are made right here in OZ from non-allergenic materials. Choose from Koala with Bow Tie & Eucalyptus Leaf, Swaggie Koala, Koala with Bow Tie & Boomerang or Koala with Australian Flag.

Another native to Australia is the wombat. Generally staying put in its burrow during the day, then plods around quietly and slowly in the bush at night.

Come to our Bungendore leather store to browse our wide range of novelty items and souvenirs. Many of our items offer the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

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