Our high quality Australian hand-made hatbands are made from genuine Crocodile or Kangaroo Leather. These make a great choice to make your hat extra special. Allow our expert team to help you select the perfect hatband.

Real crocodile leather hatbands are decorated with concho or 5 genuine croc teeth! At about 2cm wide, they are also adjustable to fit your hat. The patterns on each hatband are as unique as the crocodile it came from.

With attention to detail, the Kangaroo Leather hatband is fully adjustable and hand plaited. Since the 1930s, Badgery Belts have a well deserved status. This brand is known for quality, Australian hand made, lasting products. Choose from either Black or Tan colour.

Our wide-range of quality hatbands are available at our Leather and Trading shop—only 30 minutes from Canberra.

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