Leather Care

Leather is a natural product, a skin, and needs to be cared for the same as your own skin.  The right care and conditioning will ensure your leather stays in good condition and helps to extend the life of your leather.

Before using any treatment, it is important to be sure of whether your item is made of leather, suede, nubuck, patent or a synthetic.  Generally, leather treatments should not be used on suede or nubuck and suede and nubuck treatments are not recommended for use on full grain leather.  Likewise, patents or synthetics have their own range of recommended treatments.  It is also important to fully read the treatment instructions and conduct any recommended pre-treatment tests.  See the bottom of this page for instructions.

Caring for Leather

Before treating any leather goods, the surface should be free from surface dirt or soiling.  Depending on the surface and level of soiling, it may be necessary to treat the piece with a leather shampoo before any conditioner or sealer.

To apply a conditioning or protecting cream or oil to a leather product, it is best to rub the cream into a clean cloth before applying to the leather, this assists in even coverage and absorption.

Zorbel Leather Conditioner: Protects, cleans, polishes and preserves smooth leather products.  Recommended for use on shoes, bags, garments and accessories made from natural and imitation leather, patent and plastic.  A good all-round conditioner containing natural waxes and lanolin.

Oakwood Leather Conditioner: Softens, protects, preserves and repels water on leather products. Best used on shoes, gloves, sporting gear, saddles and bridles, motorcycle leathers and jackets.  Australian Made formula containing natural Australian bush ingredients – Tea Tree & Eucalyptus Oils, Emu Oil, Bees Wax & Lanolin.  A good generic conditioner for genuine leather products.

LeatherDew: Cleans, softens and protects leather products.  Recommended for use on small leather products such as wallets, purses and handbags.

Dubbin: An iconic Australian Made leather care product to clean, nourish, seal and waterproof leather products.  Also used as a sealant after conditioning. Recommended for use on shoes, boots, jackets, sports goods and smooth leather products.

Saddle Soap: A century-old formula used for cleaning and softening heavily soiled leather products such as saddles and riding equipment, car upholstery, leather coats and boots.

Neatsfoot Oil: A natural oil for restoring leather products,  protecting against stiffening and cracking and repelling water.  Produces good results in leather restorations and badly aged or dried leather.

Jay-el: A thick beeswax dressing to soften and preserve leather products which can be buffed to a shine.  Designed for regular use.


Caring for Suede & Nubuck

Suede & Nubuck are leathers with a shaved surface to give it a nap, the furry feel.  Treating suede or nubuck with a leather conditioner will flatten the nap and ruin the feel so only specialty suede and nubuck products should be used.  After any treatment, brushing the suede or nubuck will refresh the nap and restore the furry feeling. 

Suede & Nubuck Mousse Cleaner: A good deep-fibre cleaner for suede and nubuck products such as shoes and boots, bags and jackets.  Can also be used to clean fabric and synthetics and refresh colours.

Sheepskin & Suede Shampoo: Specially formulated for cleaning Ugg boots or double faced sheepskin.   Can be used to spot clean as well as full hand wash. Also good for helping to protect against mould and mildew during storage.

Sheepskin & Suede Protector: Specially formulated for protecting Ugg boots or double faced sheepskin and repelling water and oil stains.  Can also be used to protect suede and nubuck products including footwear and clothing.  Recommended for regular use to build up repellent properties.

Suede & Nubuck Brush: A crimped brass wire bristled brush used to refresh the nap of suede and nubuck.  Also effective in removing surface dirt from the nap.\



Water-proofing leather or any other fabric will make a coating that repels water and light stains.  Most protectors and water-proofers are ineffective against heavy soiling, oil-based stains or excessive soaking.

Water & Stain Protector: Repels water and stains from leather, nubuck, suede and fabric while still allowing the leather to breathe.  Ideal for use on boots, coats, gloves, shoes and any other leather item.

Silicone Waterproofer: A heavy duty silicone based waterproofing agent for leather, nylon, cotton, canvas and other similar fabrics. Stain, moisture & dirt resistant.


Pre-treatment tests

It is advisable to check care instructions provided by the manufacturer before attempting to treat any leather product.  You should also carefully read and follow the instructions of any treatment product or conditioner to ensure best results.

Test for Colourfastness: Wipe over your leather product with a wet tissue.  If any colour residue transfers to the tissue, your product is not colourfast.  Some products and treatments should be avoided until the excess leather dye is naturally worn away.

Spot Test:  During a treatment, as products are absorbed into the leather, its appearance may become darker, brighter, more shiny or dull depending on your leather. To determine how the product will affect your leather, use a small amount of the conditioning or cleaning product in a small inconspicuous area of your leather.  If possible, leave for at least 24 hours to allow the treatment to fully absorb into the leather to give an accurate indication of how the treatment may affect the leather.