Comfort Rug/Medi Rug - Lambskin


This plush, high density shortpile  (approx 30mm) lambskin rug makes a great companion and increases comfort for those with limited mobility or who spend long periods confined to beds or chairs. 

Natural lambskin allows air to circulate and breathe between the user and the resting surface and is absorbent - keeping the body dry without the lambskin feeling wet.  The movement of the pile helps to reduce friction &  pressure and associated pain.

Ideal for aiding in reduction of pressure, those confined to a bed or wheelchair, sedentary office workers, use in your favourite chair, recliner of in the car, even as a yoga mat.  Also suitable for baby play rugs and cot rugs. Specially treated with environmentally friendly agents and techniques, sanitized and machine washable. 

Approx Size: 110 x 80cm*

*Note: As lambskin is a natural product and no two are exactly the same, there may be some slight variation in size and shape. 

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