Cow Hide - Black & White 4.35 sqm



Whether you're covering a floor, hanginging on a wall, or using for upholstery, cow hides are a beautiful natural product, which are unique as no two are exatcly the same, 100% sustainable, hypoallergenic, easy to maintain, hard wearing and will be a feature of your home for many many years to come. 

A selection of our wide range of first grade hides are available to be purchased online.

Should you not find a hide that quite matches your taste, we are happy to discuss by phone, or we can email you photos of other hides we have in stock based on your description of what you are after; or you can pop into one of our stores and our friendly staff can assist you. 

Included with each hide is a set of care instructions for the easy removal of any unfortunate spills and a few very basic tips for keeping your hide looking luxurious. 

Each hide is sized according to the approximate area it covers in sqaure meteres and length and width at the widest point (usually this from the hind leg to hind leg and from hind leg to chest). 

Size: 2.2m Hind Leg to Hind Leg x 2.4m Hind Leg to Chest

AUD $596.00 includes GST

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