About Lakes Leather

Lakes Leather has over 40 years experience in Art & Craft Shows and Markets & Festivals. Our Retail Galleries, still today, combine a retail experience with manufacturing & repairs.

What makes Leather and Trading outstanding is that by tradition, Leather is presented as a unique blend of a natural product combining the age old skills of the Tanner and the creative ability of the crafts person.
The range and concentration of Leather craft product on sale is not equalled anywhere in Australia; making a visit to our retail outlets a memorable experience and an adventure in browsing.

Leather is unique, as one of, if not the oldest and widest occurring natural commodities in the world with many applications.
We all have or have had, a wallet, belt, purse, handbag or hat so prized that we rarely forget where it was bought or who gave it as a gift.
In a world of plastic and synthetic, leather enjoys an empathy in societies all over the world.

We strongly support Australian made products.
Nothing is more revolting than a synthetic Koala bear with ‘Made in China’ stuck on its backside……….so common.
Australian made products, generally, are better quality albeit at a higher price.

Not everybody can or is willing to purchase ‘Australian made’, we consciously provide our customers with a choice.
Quality, price, features and value for money all have their place as part of our decision process.
With imported goods, price generally dictates the level of quality and vice versa.
For this reason, only imported goods which have undergone strict quality assessment are displayed on our shelves.

Our business success has been recognized; having achieved many prestigious awards at various levels.

* Southern Tablelands Tourism Award for Excellence in Retailing.
* Capital Country Tourism Award for Excellence in Tourism Retailing.
* NSW Tourism Awards for Excellence in Tourism Retailing.
* Bungendore Chamber of Commerce Retailer of the Year.

Brian has been commissioned by The Attorney Generals Department, Australian War Memorial – Canberra, The National Museum – Canberra, with requests to produce specific, specialised product/replicas.
He is known locally for his ability in creating or repairing of anything Leather.

Our business started primarily because there were a lack of traders who specialised in leather within our Region. Commencing with a mobile display, we travelled all over the Monaro and MIA Regions of Southern NSW.
As business expanded we were then able to establish our stores in locations that are tourist based, opening more recently in Westfield Woden to serve both our local market as well as Tourists and Diplomatic staff to our Region.